Monday, June 29, 2009

Philippines. Rice terraces in Banaue

The rice terraces in Banaue (Philippines), are considered the 8th wonder of the world by many people. The trip from Manila takes around 10 hours and it is overnight, which is good to save some money in hotels.

The first views of the rice terraces are amazing. It is a really beautiful landscape!

In order to enjoy them at most, we went for a hike with a local guide. The money to hire him was really worth it, since he showed us the way around and taught us many things about the country and their people. Our guide was a great guy!

The hike took around 3 hours and we could see the terraces from many angles and meet some people on our way. Much better than just looking from the view point!

At some points, the trail got quite hard and we even got into the tropical forest, where there were waterfalls.

The rice terraces in Banaue are really picturesque and it is really easy to get great shots! :)

After the hike, to get back to Banaue town, we had to cross over the river by using a hanging bridge I would not dare using in a developed country! ;)

These terraces were amazing, but there were not the only ones in these region! Tomorrow, more!


Anonymous said...
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Aitor said...

mola las fotos, tiene pinta de hacer una humedad del copón.
en el avión he visto un documental de la bbc, que decían que filipinas era la segunda economía de Asia en los años 60, no tenía ni idea la verdad

Alvaro said...

La verdad es que al llegar a Manila parece que el pais este economicamente bien. Aunque esa imagen se esfuma en cuanto llegas al centro de la ciudad!

Si, la humedad en los arrozales esos era brutal. Se quejaba hasta Naoko! y Japon pues eso, que muy seco tampoco es!!