Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trip in the South West. Day 3. Grand Canyon NP

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. No introductions are needed though. The moment you get there and have a look down in the canyon, you notice it is big! It looks like a staircase, with different steps. And down in the bottom, the Colorado river, really far away!

A little bit of the river can be seen in this photo. The canyon is so deep and wide that it is hard to see the river from the top!!

Most tourists just drive around in the rim, but the real experience is going down into the canyon. That is what we did. We followed Angel Trail for 7 miles (7 more to come back), and that brought us to the first step, just above the river.

This is the view at the beginning of the trail:

This is the view when you are going down:

A detail on a typical structure:

If you have the money but lack the energy, you can rent a trip by mule and the mule will do the effort. Ask this cowboy if it is hard to come back up! ;)

At the beginning, you see all the canyon down there... but at some point, you really get down into the canyon and see no large panoramas...

And the way up cannot even be seen in full...

When you finish going down, vegetation starts (cactus, some trees...) and it is full of lizards and squirrels!

It is really nice to get down in the canyon. Next time I will get a back country permit and spend the night down there!! In my opinion, going down the canyon is the most worthy experience in the Grand Canyon.

And back up again!! The way up is kind of hard and it depends very much on your physical condition. Try to do some exercise regularly before coming to the canyon ;)

And I made it!! I went up real fast, even ran at some points, so I was really tired back in the rim...

Three more panoramas I took from different places:

After our hike, I drove around the rim a little bit and started driving back to Pasadena, where we arrived at around 1.30 am.

What a road trip!!!!

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