Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Philippines. Hapao and Philippino Village

Banaue area has several rice terraces which are world famous; it is not only Banaue rice terraces. We wanted to see some more, so we also went to Hapao, a place within a Philippine National Park and located around 1.5 - 2 h from Banaue. The road to go there was mostly unpaved and was an interesting experience (bumping inside a tricycle---> I will show what a tricycle is in the coming days...).

The views on the way to Hapao were impressive:

And we passed by many villages in the middle of the mountains:

Finally, we got to Hapao, paid the fee for the national park entrance and went to the main view point of the terraces. Amazing!!

Then, the same way back... bumping in the tricycle... The way was long, so we asked the driver to stop by some traditional village. And this is where we went! Quite South Pacific style in my opinion (although I have never been there! yet!!:) )

And the views over Banaue rice terraces were superb!

And this was one guy living in one of the houses... Quite cool! :)

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