Friday, June 5, 2009

Kings Canyon NP

Before sunset, I went to Kings Canyon NP, just next to Sequoia NP. That park is separated in two very different parts. The first one is next to Sequoia NP and has a lot of big trees.

This one is a very famous fallen sequoia, called the Fallen Monarch. You can walk inside it!! That was amazing!!

This is General Grant, another of the largest trees in the world. This one is the one with the largest base in perimeter.

And a random sequoia... but in this photo you can see its size because of the people walking next to it!! So huge!!

After the visit to the large trees there, I set my tent to sleep there and started driving towards the other part of the park, the real canyon.

The views of the canyon where quite impressive, really awe-inspiring... a pitty it is so difficult to capture that in a couple shots!

In the previous photos, I was going down in the canyon. In the next, I got to the bottom and drove next to the wild river for a while!

All the snow in the mountains is melting now (or at that time!) and the river was so wild!

And mountains where beautiful up there under twilight.

Finally, I could not get to the other part of the park... no gas in my car!! I was above to run out of gas in the absolute middle of nowhere... I should try my luck that hard that often!! ;)

I found the oldest gravity pumps in the USA, but the price was outrages and it was closed.

I checked in the map and drove carefully economizing gas to get there... and I made it, in the middle of the night. Then, back to the camp ground, cooked dinner in sheer darkness, ate it and went to bed. Before sleeping, I had time to hear some animal, probably a bear walking around my tent... and sniffing next to my tent actually!

This is called a bear box. We must put all our food in them. If I hadn't and I had some food with me, maybe my friend from the previous night would have tried to come visit me!! ;)

Then, I packed and 5 hours drive to Yosemite!!


Javier said...

qué guapo el surtidor de gasolina, parece de algunos dibujos futuristas, pero tiene que tener sus años :) el examen una parte bien y la otra no tanto. cuidate!
Por cierto, LAKERS 1-0

Alvaro said...

Si, decian que era el mas viejo de ese tipo (por gravedad) en Estados Unidos!! Pero costaba 22 dolares 6 galones... a total rip-off!! :)

No te preocupes por el examen, lo que sea sera!! Piensa en la parte que has hecho bien!