Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jamaica (...and VI). Black River

Our trip in Jamaica was coming to an end and we wanted to go for a river safari to see crocodiles. Therefore, we went to Black River, a town at the ending of the Black River, a river famous for wildlife and crocodiles. Once there, it was not difficult to find a boat to go on a safari. This is what the river looks like:

And these are its inhabitants! We could see around 5-10 big lizards... ;)

The safari guy called himself "Jamaican Crocodile Dundee" and he may be right! He grasped some crocodiles so some brave people, including Naoko, could touch them!!

Some locals fish in the river using traditional techniques...

This is the area where safaris start from. Many fishermen offer their boats for tourists if you do not want to go for a big boat safari.

Our next step that day was Appleton Estate Rum Brewery, the place where the most famous rum in Jamaica is distilled.

The production process was explained...

... we could also see the barrels where rum is aging currently...

... and, of course, we could try the final product, including 151 rum (63% alcohol)!

We came back to Kingston at night and flew back to LA in the morning. A nice trip in the Caribbean.

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Black river in jamaica said...

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