Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jamaica (III). Ocho Rios and Discovery Bay

In Ocho Rios, the main tourist attraction is Dunn River's Falls. Actually, it appears even in Jamaican money, in one of the largest notes.

This is Dunn River's Falls. Without any doubt, one of the highlights of our trip to Jamaica. It is a chain of waterfalls which end in the beach. You go there, rent some water shoes and start climbing from the beach. After one hour or a bit more, you get to the top. While you climb, there are many pools and it is nice to stop and relax there, with beautiful scenery around you. The only problem is the crowds!!

Me at one of the most beautiful spots:

This is the beach from where we started our climbing adventure.

After Dunn River's Falls, we came back to Ocho Rios and tried to visit Reggae Xplossion, the most important Jamaican music museum in the island. But it closed down forever!!! a pitty...

Then, we relaxed in a nearby beach, whose name I barely remember... maybe Turtle Beach...

Then, time for a craft market...

The next day, we continued traveling West, towards Montego Bay. However, we stopped at Discovery Bay, the place where Christopher Columbus (or Cristóbal Colón) arrived in Jamaica. He got to the island a couple of years after arriving for the first time at America (Bahamas). This bay was the place of the arrival.

Now, there is a small not so interesting park called Columbus Park. Some photos taken there:

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