Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jamaica (IV). Montego Bay

After 5 days traveling in Jamaica and sleeping in not so nice hotels, we decided to go for a typical tourist all-inclusive resort in the most touristic area in Jamaica: Montego Bay. We went to a nice resort called Breezes, located in the most famous beach in Jamaica, Doctor's Cave Beach. It even appears in Jamaican Dollar Notes!

Nice isn't it??

It was time for some relaxing time, without getting worried about how to move from town to town in the cheapest possible way and finding some decent hotel for little money. This was our redemption for one day! Lots of cocktails, food and all included water sport activities!

However, we did not belong completely there, ;) so we went for a glimpse onto real Jamaican life to Montego Bay Downtown, out of the touristic area. The city looks like a chaotic big town with people everywhere. As in Kingston, dangerous situations may occur and the general atmosphere was too hectic and kind of dangerous. There were some nice places in the city:

Back to our resort hotel, everything was neat and peaceful. Tourism in Jamaica is quite a pity. Most tourists do not even go out of resorts and do not even meet real Jamaicans. They do not even care. People just go for the beaches and do not care where they are, call it Jamaica, Puerto Rico or whatever. There is such a gap between these luxurious resorts and the down-to-Earth situation of the country that it is almost grotesque.

Doctor's Cave Beach was superb. No words to describe it better than a few photos:

After some time in Montego Bay, it was time to continue moving West. Next stop, Negril.

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