Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jamaica (II). Port Antonio

After almost 3 hours in that packed bus, we got to Port Antonio. The change with respect to Kingston was dramatic: a small little town with a lot of activity.

First thing, getting a room there. We ended up in a great victorian-style hotel with views to the Caribbean sea! Not bad!

That evening was a relaxed one: some cocktails by the sea...

... and first swims in the Jamaican Caribbean.

The next day, it was a really nice one! We went around Port Antonio, to the really famous places in that area, many of which have appeared in Hollywood movies: Blue Lagoon, Cocktail...

First stop, the Blue Lagoon. It is an amazing blue lagoon in a place where the sea gets in land. It is really deep, more than 50m!, and that together with some rivers putting fresh water into it create this amazing color!

After swimming a little bit there and trying to get really deep, we hired a boat and went around.

We went back into the Blue Lagoon, Monkey Island, Cocktail beach and Sunset beach. Wow, that was the Caribbean in its purest!! :)

This is Monkey Island:

And this, Sunset Beach:

Then, we moved to French Man's Cove, another amazing beach. That beach is really special! There is a river getting to a beautiful small beach surrounded by rocks. You can swim both in the river and in the sea!!

At night, we traveled by route taxi to Ocho Rios. A route taxi is a car that goes from the city of one city to the center of the next. If you want to travel for a while, you normally have to transfer several times. But that is easy... You say where your final destination is and everybody around will do all they can to put you in their friend's car! ;)

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