Thursday, September 17, 2009


I just got to Korea after a long flight from California. Next week, I will attend a conference in the Southern part of the country, in Busan. In the meanwhile, I will spend a couple days in Seoul and probably some other smaller towns on the way South.

So far Korea looks pretty interesting. It feels somehow as safe as Japan and it has more street culture, like maybe China. Interesting mix.

Well, tomorrow will be the first serious exploration of the city. I will see if I can post some photos on the go! ;)


yebbey said...

How long are you in South-Korea? We come there with Cynthia in 2.10.2009! We go first to Jeju island and then to Busan.

Javier said...

Felicidades!!! mira tu cuenta de gmail!!!

Alvaro said...

Hey Seppo! I will be leaving tomorrow after 8 days here! Korea is definitely a nice country and you will have fun here!! ;)A pitty we cant meet...Now i am in Busan and I have also visited Seoul, Suwon, Daegu, Haeinsa (temple),Gjeonju (historical capital city... maybe the spelling is wrong!). Check where the World Heritage sites are and there is where you should go! GEt also a Lonely Planet guidebook, it was pretty decent in this case.

Have fun!! :)

@Javier: Gracias Javier!! A ver si os puedo llamar pronto! Manana voy a Japon, y alli ya puedo usar libremente mi movil japones sin que cueste una pasta! Un abrazo!!