Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Devil's Tower National Monument

After visiting Mount Rushmore, I drove into Wyoming. I wanted to sleep at Devil's Tower NM. One old guy told me to visit it last July, when I went to Yellowstone. He told me, in his opinion, Devil's Tower was the most impressive sight in Wyoming. Due to time limitations, I could not go at that time. But now, I was near, and I did not mind departing a little bit from my original plan (Dakotas) if that meant visiting a truly cool place.

I arrived there at night and the campground was open! Good news! and it was for free. Actually, it was supposed to be closed, but the last days had been pretty good in terms of weather and it had been temporarily opened again. I tried to plant my tent there but surprise! my new backpacking tent did not come with the right instructions! Those it came with were completely wrong! So, I was there, in the middle of Wyoming, really tired after driving quite a lot that day and with a tent I had never used before. It took me more than 30 minutes and the help of my neighbors to finally plant it... but it worked.

The night was too cold. It reached temperatures near zero degrees. I woke up at around 6am, shivering due to the cold temperatures. Just in time for the sun rise!

This is the first time I saw Devil's Tower. It looks ghostly under this light.

The place was completely empty. I was the only one visiting it before sun rise... Only deers were around at that time.

The light kept on changing and it was really spectacular! The sky seems to be on fire, and those colors really suit the strange shape of Devil's Tower.

When the sunrise was over, so was the show. The sky was covered in clouds and it was time to try to get some good photos with me in them ;)

Another perspective on Devil's Tower.

After a good while, the sun really started to come out when I was leaving the place. At that time, I saw this prairie dog town. Nice panorama.

Then, it was time to leave. I was going to drive to Theodore Roosevelt NP in North Dakota. A long drive...

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