Thursday, October 15, 2009

Korea (and 8). Busan

My last stop in Korea was Busan. It was also my reason to go to the country! I attended a conference there, for 5 days. Therefore, I could visit quite some places in that time. Busan is the second biggest city in Korea and has the largest sea port in the country.

The most interesting place in terms of temples was Beomosa (pronunciado Pomosa para los Spanish...), a buddhist temple at the city's outskirts. As usual, it was located in the mountains... Some photos follow:

As I said before, Busan has the largest sea port in Korea, and the consequence is it has a huge fish market. It is very famous for raw fish and gorgeous dinners. I had dinner there with Naoko san and it was amazing how many dishes Korean meals can have!!

This is another temple, out of the western tourist radar, which is becoming more and more famous amongst Asian tourists. It is a temple by the sea, around 15km out of Busan. It was pretty scenic.

In a nearby town, there is a famous market specialized in crab meat. You choose the crab you want to it, they weigh it and cook it for you. Of course, they serve it with tens of side dishes!

Back in Busan, there is a famous beach with nice views over the longest bridge in the city. At night, there is a light show and the color of the bridge lights keeps on changing.

Busan has many beaches, including Haeundae, the most famous beach in Korea. There is where our hotel was. And where my conference was held.

I took a ferry from Haeundae to go to Oryukdo, several rocks/islands coming out of the sea quite abruptly.

This is Busan tower. Even if you do not pay the fee to go up the tower, you can see pretty good views from the entrance, since it is located on top of a hill.

The hippest area in Busan is Nampodong. It is full of shops and places to eat.

Pusan also houses and international film festival (PIFF), which is becoming increasingly important, at least in Asia. The area where it is held is called PIFF square.


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