Sunday, October 4, 2009

Korea (IV). Korean Folk Town

There is a famous Korean Folk town near Suwon which is pretty famous. Therefore, as I was in Suwon, I decided to go there to learn more about traditional Korean lifestyle. And the visit was quite rewarding.

The next photo was not taken in Africa or South Pacific ;) It is the typical totems at the entrance of any traditional Korean town to chase evil spirits away:

This it a typical house. It is interesting to see how chili peppers are being dried up.

There were many people doing traditional work. These ladies for example were extracting silk thread from silk worm cocoons.

On the top of a hill next to the town, there was a small temple. Very Korean! Temples always in the mountains!

There were some performances from time to time: archery, a traditional marriage, horses... I could only attend the one with horses and it was quite a show!

Next to the peasants' town, there were several large houses belonging to the upper classes...

I could also see some Koreans practicing a traditional sport which reminded me of sumo...

... and was quite surprised at these strawmen...

Finally, the guys at the blacksmith's house.

It was an interesting visit to see how a traditional village would look like in the past. Quite a contrast with the crazy neon-lit towns these days!

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