Friday, October 23, 2009

Hitting the road again

Last weekend, it was time to hit the road again and further explore the American West. Little by little, I have been visiting all the states in the West and I have almost got to the Mid-West in my exploration ;) In orange, the states I have visited, 21 now.

This time, I went to South and North Dakota and came back to Wyoming, this time to the Eastern side of that state.

These states are very rural and agriculture looks the only way of subsistence here. No big cities, huge distance and beautiful nature. That's what they have plenty to offer. I have even heard some Americans call this area of the country "fly-over country"! The real thing is it still feels like the Wild West. Look at these buildings!

In the previous photo, you could also see a nice peculiarity about the way they pack cereals and crops. They cut them and pack them in cylindrical shapes! In Spain and other countries in Europe, they are normally packed in parallelepiped shapes (long cubes...). And before collecting them, they lie in the middle of the fields. That creates irregular patterns of cylinders all over the Great Plains.

These are the panels welcoming visitors to the Dakotas:

And this is the car which become my companion in my 1150 miles trip within these states, a nice Mustang.

Hitting the road is always fun. The feeling of freedom it provides is quite unbeatable and to visit National Parks is just amazing. I was camping all the time and did not see a bed in almost 4 days! I slept in my backpacking tent at below zero (C) temperatures! (around 30F) and woke up invariably before sunrise shaking with cold. It may sound crazy but it sounds fun to me... I must be going nuts! ;) or I already went...


Javier said...

tócate, con semejante coche tb me voy yo a las dakotas :) qué bien te lo montas!!! cuidate!!!

Rikel said...

Yo de ti dejaría de ver cañones y desiertos (que en el fondo son todos iguales) e iría planeando una viaje a Alaska que he visto por ahí que tiene unos paisajes y una flora y fauna brutales, de los mejores del mundo.

Un saludo.
Nos vemos en un mes :)

Alvaro said...

@Javier: yo fui el primer sorprendido cuando se sacaron ese coche de la manga... jeje

@Rikel: Cierto! Alaska es el sitio de US con mas parques nacionales. Pero solo de puede ir en Julio y Agosto. Quiza el año que viene!