Monday, October 12, 2009

Flight over Pasadena

Today, the Flight Club at Caltech organized a BBQ and some free flights in Del Monte Airport, near Pasadena. I went there with some of my friends here and enjoyed a nice day. During my flight, I could see some cool places I will show later. I was a bit disappointed I did not fly to Downtown LA as some people did, but anyway, it was an interesting flight!

Here, Bernardo and Alejandro trying the club's test plane.

I flew with Bernardo and a real pilot in this plane:

That's me ready for takeoff!

We took off just over I-10. Quite a view to start with!

Then, we flew over Huntington Gardens, Pasadena area's major tourist sight:

And over Caltech:

We also saw the Rose Bowl, where Brazil won the football world cup in '94.

And up to the mountains to fly around JPL/NASA:

Going back, the racetrack at Arcadia.

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