Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fauna in the Dakotas

The Dakotas are a natural paradise for many animals. It is full of fauna and this time of the year is the perfect time to see them in their natural environment, once the summer tourists have left.

The most impressive animal in this area is, in my opinion, the bison. It is a huge animal which looks majestic in these great plains. The best places to spot these are Custer State Park in South Dakota and Theodore Roosevelt NP in North Dakota.

Another animal which is almost always present in the NPs in the North of the US is the deer. They were everywhere, in any National Park and even out of them.

However, I experienced the most excitement when I first saw prairie dogs! I had completely forgot about these animals and it was really a surprise to see them here. Actually, here is where they are endemic. The Great Plains is their home. They look more like mice/squirrels/rodents. They are called "dogs" because they emit a sound similar to barking when you approach them. Like that, they tell the others a danger is approaching.

My other first was also impressive. I saw a rattle snake!! I have been hoping to see one for a long time, but I hadn't yet. Finally, I saw one at Theodore Roosevelt NP. I took many photos, this is one of the best.

I also saw wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt NP:

And even more familiar animals: a rabbit! First one I see in North America. It was an inhabitant of Badlands NP in SD.

Have a look at these white goats. Quite funny looking... I saw them in Mt Rushmore National Memorial.

And finally, a majestic longhorn goat overlooking the impressive scenery of Badlands NP.


Aitor said...

muy guapa la ultima foto!

Alvaro said...

Gracias! La verdad es que la hice de cualquier manera (dentro del coche, bajando la ventanilla), y aun asi quedo muy bien. Debe ser que el entorno era perfecto :)