Thursday, June 12, 2008

Αθήνα (Athens) Part I

Last weekend, I visited Athens. This was my first visit to Greece and it caused a great impression! Everything looks like in Spain. People behave similarly, party time extends until well into the next morning, dinner is late... ahh, and the weather is good!

I arrived on Friday night at midnight after a short stopover in Rome. I took the bus from the airport directly to downtown, where my friends would meet me. The first thing I saw was therefore, the parliament in Syntagma Square.

Afterwards, I met Paula (from ESTEC and who had arrived a few hours before) and Kostas (a former Greek YGT with whom we were going to stay all weekend long), and went partying until late at night!

Before going back home, it was time to check the first touristic place of the weekend! It was Likavetos Hill. The views over the city were breathtaking! Such a huge extension covered by white houses, and everything bathed by the first lights of the morning Sun... Beautiful!!

And for the first time in the weekend, I got to see the Acropolis!

After that visit to this great site, it was time to go to bed... it was past 7 oclock...

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