Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fishing on a sunny Sunday

After our impressive visit to the fjords on Saturday, we arrived at Bergen at around 9pm and went to meet Morten. He was waiting for us in order to go to a cabin he has in an island near Bergen. The way to go there: by boat!

This wasn't Morten's boat :), but looks like that in this photo...

It was later than 22.30, but you can see what beautiful light there was! Idilic!!

This was the cabin next to the sea.

And this is again Morten with his boat.

On Sunday morning, we took the boat and went fishing in the open sea. Only after 10 minutes fishing, Felipe got two 1-kg fish!!

Later on, I got the largest fish of the day, and the first fish I caught in my life! 2.5 kilos!!

This is our final catch! Not bad!! Compare the size of the fish with Morten's foot!

And of course, you can imagine what our dinner was... hehe...

And around 11pm, back to Bergen! It had been a great stay there!! One of my best trips ever!!

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