Friday, June 13, 2008

Athens Part II. The cultural day

Our second day in Athens was the day when we visited most of the major sites in the city. We started with Hadrian's Library and then went to the Roman Agora. There, the Tower of the Winds (in the back of the following photo) was the most outstanding element.

Afterwards, we walked in the colourful streets of Plaka in the direction of the Acropolis. The views over the city were once again one of the highlights. After a while walking, we reached the Acropolis. The first thing we saw was a theatre and then the main entrance, the Propylea. When you walk past the Propylea, you find yourself in one of the most historical places on Earth. On your right stands the Parthenon, the famous temple dedicated to the goddess of the city, Athena.

On your left, the Erectheion, the house of the Porch of the Caryatids: a beautiful view.

From the further end, just behind the Parthenon, we could see Likabettus Hill, the hill from where I took the photos of the Acropolis I showed to you yesterday.

Next, we went down Acropolis and passed by an ancient Greek theatre on our way downhill.

The next stop was the Kerameikos, the site of the ancient cemetery. Finally, we went to the Ancient Agora: Athens market and where philosophy kicked off. There was a museum there with some of the pieces found there. For example, this typical jar.

This was the main building remaining in the Ancient Agora. It was really nice!

That was on Saturday, on Sunday, we would take it easy and relaxed. On Monday morning, we wrapped up our historical visits... that will come tomorrow!

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