Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This time... YES!!!!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Maybe it was not the best match for Spain in this Euro2008, but we defeated Italy and made it to semifinals!!

Yesterday, Spain and Italy played for a place in semifinals. Italy is our worst nightmare... we had not defeated them in an official game in the last 88 years... and yesterday, it was 22nd June. Every time we play on that date, we loose... or at least that was like that until yesterday! We defeated Italy, and also our pesimism, our history and our particular curse!!

Casillas is the name of the hero of the night. If it wasn't for him, maybe we would not be talking about our qualification. He blocked two penalty kicks out of four and bought us a ticket for the semis. Senna was also incredible!

In the end, we will play Russia next Thursday and see if we can make it to the final. We already defeated Russia 4-1 in this competition... but those circumstances were so different! Let's see if we can repeat that. A 1-0 in the last minute would be ok though... hehe

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