Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mogari no Mori (殯の森)

I have just seen a great movie. A Japanese movie by Naomi Kawase (河瀨直美) which won the best film award in Cannes Festival last year. The name of the movie is "The Mourning Forest", Mogari no Mori in Japanese.

The movie is great and very in the director's line. Naomi Kawase san graduated from Photography School and started making documentaries. Afterwards, she used all she had learnt from those areas and applied it to movies. Her movies are really slow, with only a few dialogues and photography and feelings are the most important things. Her movies are more like a piece of art than like a movie. For some people, they can be boring... for me, they are just perfect!

Some months ago, I also watched another of her movies: Sharasoju (沙羅双樹). My impression was the same. That movie was also amazing. This kind of movies really touch you. You can't stay the same after them...

If you have the opportunity, check out any of these two movies. Two true master pieces!


Anonymous said...

Tienes q pasar me esta peli...aqui te dejo un saludo desde Boulder Colorado en las Rocky Mountains! Go Buffalos! ;-)

Alvaro said...

Muito Obrigado!

Ya te paso esta peli y algunas mas que ya acordamos ;-)
tengo tb tu libro aqui preparado para cuando vuelvas!

Ta luego!