Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sport times in the Netherlands

When I came back from Athens last Monday, I went directly to Amsterdam to see Bad Religion live! In the end, I got carried away in the concert and decided to go trashing instead of taking pictures... :)

But at the same time, the Euro2008 was on and the Netherlands was playing Italy! What means a huge match! The concert hall where Bad Religion played was next to Leidse Plein, one of the most famous squares in Amsterdam and the atmosphere was incredible: Dutch were already using fireworks before the game!

The Netherlands defeated Italy 3-0... so you can imagine the result... people in orange drunk and pushing the trams as they passed by! hahaha...

The next day was the turn for Spain and we won against Russia and scored 4 goals!! Of course, I watched it in a pub in Leiden with all the Spanish people.

On Friday, Holland played against France and the score was 4-1!!! People went crazy...

And all the Spanish community and friends joined the party! I was wearing an orange T-shirt to support my "home country" ;-) We were partying until late at night...

Next morning, I bought a Spanish national team jersey and went to our usual pub, Bad Habbits, to support Spain. There were some Swedish there... And we won in the last minute!! Unbelievable!!

In addition to all this, now it is time to watch one football match per day. And NBA!! The NBA Finals are still being played! Last night, I woke up at 5am to see the final quarters of the game and LA Lakers won!! Let's go Lakers! Let's go Gasol!!!


Sergio y Nat said...

My goodness, you got quite some faith there (regarding the NBA finals). I'm not so confident about it, but anyway, I hope Gasol & co. get to the 7th. match! Then you won't be the only one giving up his sleep at 5 a.m.!! Btw, where/how do you watch the games? Via streaming?



Javier said...

me parece que pau ya no va a ninguna parte :X ME.... TO! una pena, todo el año esperando esto para caer como han caido