Thursday, December 4, 2008

10 years from now

Life is so unpredictable. Have you ever thought what your life will look like ten years from now? Life is full of crossroads, apparently unimportant choices which can change our lives completely. So many choices, so many people to meet. What we take for granted can stop being valid next minute… The smallest decision can make a huge difference some years from now. Today, I started thinking what will happen in my life in the next ten years. But in the process, I have just realized there is a more fundamental question which needs being answered before: who do I want to be 10 years from now? This is even more difficult to answer.
So far, I have had to make many choices and I am sure I have made many mistakes. In fact, I am not sure the current situation is what I really want. Life is either too complex or a sheer joke. We can take it too seriously or just make fun of it… what’s the right approach? I have always thought thinks over and over, always trying to consider all possibilities and make the right choices. However, looking back on those choices, I could have been happier if I had just made choices impulsively, following my guts instead of my head. Who knows! Maybe, in everybody’s life, there is a moment in which faith dries out and all your beliefs are deeply challenged; a time in your life in which your system of beliefs collapses and your future faces the unknown. At that time, nothing you have decided before matters. You are as defenseless as a vessel in the middle of the storm. Maybe that is what our life is; a vessel controlled by the playful winds of destiny. Are we anything but slaves of the present? The strength of “now and here” is such that changing the present situation is almost hopeless. Every choice we make limits our freedom and is a new chain to the present situation. It takes too much courage to break with everything and become free. And our mind is not ready for that.
What is the ultimate goal of our lives? Happiness, success, recognition…? What are we contented with? Modern world has created an unchallenged system of truths that everybody takes for granted. Humans are being dispossessed of the only thing that should matter: humanity. The importance of a good conversation, a good action that makes somebody smile… These are being superseded by ambition and greed, with the only objective of success. Is it what we want for us and our kind? Sometimes it feels like leaving society and starting living alone in harmony with nature would be the only way towards real happiness. Mankind has gone crazy and still does not know. And maybe it never does. In the meanwhile, we have been caught in this whirlpool of madness. We are slaves of our time. In these circumstances, it is really hard to figure out our real targets, who we want to be and what we want to become.
It is time to stop thinking thoroughly and try making some bold decisions. It is time to become more human and follow our heart. Maybe we will fail, but at least, ten years from now, nobody will blame us for not trying.


YebbeY said...

Nice, important topic to think about quite frequently! I agree with your conclusions mostly... I think people want to live a good life, a life which you can look back and be happy with.

How you achieve this is by making the choices sincerely according to your best acknowledge. That way you can not complain afterwards because you could not have chosen other than what you thought was best! Sometimes this best knowledge comes from your guts! :=)

p.s. In URL my pictures from Teotihuacan

Rikel said...

Joer macho, qué mal te está sentando los USAs

Alvaro said...

@ YebbeY: Thanks for the photos! I really like your panoramas! I should start working on some myself... Btw, Teotihuacan is more impressive in terms of size but Chichen Itza is more beautiful in my opinion ;) I posted many pictures in facebook ;)

@Rikel: jeje... mas que los USAs, son tipicas locuras reflexivas que me dan cada cierto tiempo y que me obligan a escribir lo que pienso. Pasa desde que tengo uso de razon. Los resultados, pues eso... :)

Javier said...

it's so deep...

jejeje, luego te mando algo más elaborado!

Ramón said...

Oh my God, what a down-ón you must be feeling right now as to write this...

Anyway, as i told you in your "Caltech and the movies post", it may be good for you to post a picture of us on your blog. It would make you feel good and, apart from that, it would be a good detail because Denzel, your car, Nicholson and Reeves apart, i haven't seen a picture of us since June (I stopped there).

A big hugh from Spain from your truly loving but criticicer friend (if i feel i have to be it) Ramón.

P.S.- Álvaro, tranquilo; te ha costado llegar mucho hasta ahí como para tirar la toalla. Aguanta, tío; si alguien tiene la voluntad, eres tú. Un abrazo muyyyy fuerte, gañán ;)