Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oahu. Day 4: Manoa Falls and bye to everybody

My last day in Hawaii started with bad weather: rain, although it was still quite warm.

I decided to go for a hiking to Manoa Valley, to Manoa Falls. On my way walking to the beginning of the trail, I could find some interesting things:

1. Nice Honolulu skyline from the mountains

2. Kind of an Asian temple in the mountains, with a nice Chinese lion.

3. It would be interesting to live in a place like this: tropical forest just at the end of the street!

Then, I started the hiking and it was really beautiful! The hiking was very easy technically and did not require any effort (that was the only bad part of it!)

And these are Manoa Falls, quite nice!

Afterwards, back to Waikiki for my last hours there... :(

I went with the people in my hostel to Ono Hawaiian Food, a very famous restaurant for real Hawaiian food. The food was mainly porc with vegetable and something called taro (a tropical tree in the islands). It was really good!!

Then, some Jenga in the hostel (we got 35 levels!!)

And the last coke by the sea with my "Hawaiian" friends!

Hawaii was amazing: snorkeling, beach, surfing, hiking in the mountains, road tripping... And I met such a nice bunch of people in my hostel!! An unforgettable experience!! Next time I go to this State, I will try to go to the Big Island!! As Joaquin Sabina says in one of his legendary songs, "Never go back to where you have experienced real happiness". Waikiki and Oahu would not be the same without the great friend I met in my hostel: Kaori, Molly, Holly, Nicki, Fabian, Simon, Javier... It was so nice meeting you all guys!!!


Gnathita said...

Como te cuidas, jeje!
Oye, me has dejado a cuadros con lo del Código de Honor de Caltech.
Saludos desde Madrid, que al final hemos trasladado la ofi aquí Miguel y yo :-)

Ramón (Almansa) said...

Dios, dame paciecia...

p.d.- Bonitas fotos.

Alvaro said...

Paula: Si, lo del Codigo de Honor es curioso... ;) Donde estais trabajando ahora??

Ramon: tengo en cuenta tus quejas/sugerencias... necesito material fotografico de calidad! Prometo que despues de Nochevieja (es decir, cuando vuelva a tener internet...) pondre fotos nuestras!!! Por supuesto!!! Un abrazo concunyao...

splendid said...
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intelligence said...
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