Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oahu. Day 3: North Shore

My third day in Hawaii started with surfing lessons. The sea was not too rough that day but it was a nice start for a first time surfing. I could ride a wave for around 20 second on my second trial, so the experience was amazing! I really enjoyed it!

Afterwards, we rented a car and went roadtripping in Hawaii. Destination the North Shore, one of the world most famous surfing spots. The middle of the island was full of mountains!

In around one hour and a half, we were on the other shore. And up there, everything is about surfing. Waves were so high and the sea so rough... and still, people said it was not a good day for surfing... not rough enough!! Actually, it was mostly kids surfing... Some nice photos so you can feel the atmosphere there:

We continued our round trip on the North Shore and went beach hopping. The beaches there were impressive! White sand, wild sea, emerald color ocean... really beautiful! This is Sunset Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Hawaii:

We continued along the North East coast, called Windward Coast. There, mountains arrived down to the sea and the scenery was dramatic. The interior of the island looked like the jungle in Northern Thailand (not so cool though :P )

It also kind of reminded me of the Norwegian Fiords (in a smaller scale).

We also passed by a famous island which has the shape of a Chinese hat, but we could not stop... At least a could take a fast desperate photo from the car...

And back to Waikiki and the hostel!!

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elemental wendy said...

thanks, that was informative! nice pics. too.