Friday, December 19, 2008

Last days

On Monday, I traveled back to Spain. I arrived on Tuesday night at home, had dinner and spent some time with my family. On Wednesday morning, met my grandparents and said bye to everybody! At 3pm, I left my home town and went to Girona, where my flight to Malta departed from. Therefore, a too fast stopover in Spain so far.

Now, I am in Malta. I am really tired after these last non-stop weeks (studying, finals, trips...) but traveling is so nice! Malta is a beautiful place. Today, I have visited Valetta and the surrounding cities. Tomorrow some prehistoric sites.

On 23rd, I will be back in Spain (finally) and will stay there until 4th (unless some unlikely last-minute change of plans).


Javier said...

ok, ha sido tipo telegrama, pero lo has aclarado perfectamente. cuidate y nos vemos pronto!

Alvaro said...

Cierto! Animo con los ultimos dias de universidad antes de Xmas!

sticker said...
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