Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Exams at Caltech

These days, it has been so busy here at Caltech that I could not update my blog. Sorry for that! It has been time for final exams and I have had to prepare them and take them all from last Friday. Today, I finished the last one.

By the way, since I am talking about exams at Caltech, maybe I could tell you something interesting about them. In Caltech, most exams are take-home exams. That means you are given the test and then you can take it home and go through it whenever and wherever you want. But, you have to respect the rules: open or closed book, what materials you can use, or the time you can use for the test. All Caltech students have to stick to the Honor Code. If you are found guilty of some Honor Code violation (copying from somebody, cheating in a test, etc) you can even be kicked out of this school.

Take-home exams are interesting in the sense that you can be studying, take a little rest and jump straight onto the test whenever you feel like it. They are more flexible and convenient. And come on, we are all adults! this is the way tests should be everywhere! ;)


akycrack said...

Yei Alvaro que tal!!
Por lo que leo aqui....
vamos tanto Caltech tanto Caltech y hasta yo aprobaria sobrao y con nota ahí...

Nada tio, desearte que todo te vaya bien y recordarte que aunque en silencio sigo tu blog semanalmente muriendome de envdia por la de viajecitos que te haces


Alvaro said...

Jeje... si te pillan te echan... ;)

Gracias por seguir el blog! Hace falta saber que los amigos lo siguen para continuar con el! A ver si me aplico que se estan acumulando los viajes!! Aun tengo Mexico y ahora San Francisco... y el Jueves a Malta!! aahhhh, esto no da mas de si!! Un abrazo!