Saturday, December 6, 2008

Keanu Reeves came to Caltech

Keanu Reeves came today to Caltech to present his new movie: The Day the Earth Stood Still, which will be on theaters from next Friday. He came along with the director of the movie and the rest of the panelist were two Caltech professors: one cosmologist and one biochemist.

At 5, there was dinner served in the lawnyard in front of Beckman Auditorium and then we moved into the auditorium, where the panelists were presented. Of course the star was Keanu Reeves and, believe it or not, Caltech professors! Then, 5 minutes of the movie, with some funny too patriotic comments for international students... hehe... and then, a Q&A session.

I was very surprised Keanu Reeves was not the main point of attention. Many questions were scientific, for professors, and many were addressed to the director.

In general, an ok event, but nothing special.

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RaMóN said...

Oh my God, what a down-ón you must be feeling right now as to write this...

Anyway, as i told you in your "Caltech and the movies post", it may be good for you to post a picture of us on your blog. It would make you feel good and, apart from that, it would be a good detail because Denzel, your car, Nicholson and Reeves apart, i haven't seen a picture of us since June (I stopped there).

A big hugh from Spain from your truly loving but criticicer friend (if i feel i have to be it) Ramón.

P.S.- Álvaro, tranquilo; te ha costado llegar mucho hasta ahí como para tirar la toalla. Aguanta, tío; si alguien tiene la voluntad, eres tú. Un abrazo muyyyy fuerte, gañán ;)