Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Finally, I am back at Pasadena after some intense traveling period: China and Japan and seminar in NYC. The seminar in NYC was really nice and I met truly amazing people. I will talk about it at its due time. First, I want to wrap up some previous topics I should have talked about before. For example, my trip to Bahamas with Alejandro, from Caltech. It has been almost 2 months from that already... As you can see, not the most intense writing activity this blog has seen... ;)

Well, the trip was short but intense: full day in the sea to reach Grand Bahama from Fort Lauderdale, and around 4 hours in the island. It was so short there that we did not even got a stamp in our passport. We had to wear a purple wristband that apparently indicated we were day visitors coming from the USA.

These are some photos of the cruise. It had a swimming pool, some sunbathing decks and a lot of restaurants and casinos... Those were Vegas' style, kind of decadent...

After around 5 hours, we got to Grand Bahama, to Freeport and took a shuttle to Lucaya Beach, the most interesting place in the island according to the organizers... also the most touristy. The moment we set foot in Bahamas, some things were quite striking: they drive on the left, paint their houses colorfully, there are palm trees everywhere and the color of the sea is simply amazing... These are some government issued proofs that I was in Bahamas (although you can always claim I took them from the internet! :P )

The following photos were taking in Lucaya NP and I think they do not need any comments: amazing paradise-like beaches and colorful scenery.

Then, back to the ship and another 5 hours back to Florida. Of course, a nice sunset in the middle of the Caribbean sea to wrap up a day full of beautiful landscapes.

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Javier said...

vives mejor que quieres, perro :) te llamo esta noche. Cuídate!!