Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday morning in Pasadena

Saturday in Pasadena and the weather is so good it is hard to work! But yesterday, I already procrastinated enough!!!

I have noticed I always talk about far away places or about my trips, but not much about where I live. Today, I went out for lunch and took some pictures (mobile phone... sorry) around Pasadena.

Did you know that legendary Route 66 passes by Pasadena and I drive on it almost every time I get into my car! ;) It is so near! This stretch of Route 66 in Pasadena is called Colorado Boulevard. Today, I found this panel indicating it is Route 66:

I went for some food to a Thai restaurant I know and found there was a Vietnamese restaurant next to it! I had never noticed!! So I went for the lunch special: Pho and spring rolls.

After eating, nice stroll back home. This is the street where I live in: South Catalina Avenue.

And this is my building!

Yet, another photo of the street...

This has nothing to do with my street but I took it yesterday while having dinner. Sunset time in Cali... So, why not posting it too!! ;)

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naoko said...

I could see your house for the first time... It looks quite nice and tropical... And you look like enjoying your life there...