Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beijing (I). Tiananmen Square

My trip to China lasted 6 intense days during which I visited Beijing and Xi'an. The trip was really short for the amount of places and possibilities these two cities offer; but I did my best to try to see and enjoy as much as possible!

I departed from Tokyo in the morning and arrived in Beijing in the evening, checked in in the hotel, a traditional Chinese courtyard house, and went for dinner (see last photos). In the morning, it was time to go and visit Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.

On my way there, I could feel the environment was different, I really was in China! ;) This is Qianmen, on one of the sides of Tiananmen Square.

And this is the White Pagoda, which was very near to our first hotel.

When you get to Tiananmen, the first thing you notice, because of its size, is the gate between the square and the Qianmen area. So beautiful and majestic!

This square is the biggest in the world. However, Mao's Mausoleum is in the middle and makes it look somehow smaller than it is. Anyway, you can feel the place is HUGE! This is Mao's Mausoleum from behind.

And this is the line to get in there! It was maybe around one km long... and we joined it and met Chairman Mao in person. Many Chinese shown an almost religious respect when met his embalmed body face to face.

And this is the other side of the square, where the main landmark is a column in memory of the dead soldiers during the Cultural Revolution.

And here, the Chinese Parliament:

And this is the entrance to the Forbidden City, dominated by Mao's photo. I will talk about it tomorrow! :)

The highlight of the first 24h in Beijing may perfectly be the food!! It was so good!! and cheap!! This is the famous Beijing Duck:

And here, me attacking some yummy dumplings!!!


David Fernandez Prim said...

I completely agree, food is the best part in China and Hong Kong :P. These dumplings (Dim Sum) should be exported around the World!! :)

Alvaro said...

They have been exported. I have also tried them in Japan and USA, but it is not the same... Much better in China!!!