Saturday, April 25, 2009

Earth Day at Caltech

Today, it is Earth Day at Caltech and many car makers came to show their developments in clean cars. I had never seen an electric car or a hydrogen car and it was really interesting to see the particularities of such cars!

These are some pictures of a Hydrogen car developed by BMW. You can see the word Hydrogen written everywhere. The most special feature was the hydrogen tank in the trunk!

There were many different cars, so I took pictures of different ones. This one has a very square-looking engine battery! It reminded me of the batteries in my old Canon digital camera...

This one had a lot of plugs in the trunk, to plug it in any circumstances, even in a normal house plug!! The owner said it would take around 30 hours to charge it at home... only for emergencies!

Another electric engine by Toyota. This one looks more professional looking ;)

It was interesting to see everyday there are more alternatives to old fuel cars... The other day, I also found a Hydrogen station in South Pasadena! It is moving slowly, but eventually these cars will arrive to every day's life!!

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