Thursday, April 23, 2009

Going back to the West Coast

It's been almost one week since I last wrote here!! wow...

Now I am in Washington Dulles, waiting for my flight to LAX; back "home". It has been such a nice trip to the East Coast!! During the weekend I was in North Carolina, where I could enjoy the company of wonderful people, enjoy walks in forests next to lakes, strolling in Duke University... and many more special things! :) From Monday, I have been in Virginia, in a very interesting conference about Space Terahertz Technology, where I have found out my supervisor in Caltech is one of the most famous and revered persons in the field!! But I missed the great time in North Carolina! :)

Now, back to LA, where courses, deadlines and research are waiting for me... Tomorrow, it will be the day I have to get back in track... And I will start writing regularly again (I hope! :P).

Ok, I go into the plane right now... a 5 1/2 h flight next...

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