Monday, June 25, 2007

Faces in Dreams

I was just watching House and one of the secondary argumental lines of the plot was that he was treating somebody whose face he had seen before in one dream. That struck me very much!

Do you think we can remember somebody's face from dreams?

Of course we can only dream about faces and places we know or we have been to. However, do you think we really see those faces and places? In my opinion, dreaming is just about ideas, nothing to do with images... Sometimes we can have the feeling that we have been watching our dream, but in my opinion it is just a delusion.

So, do you think we think our dreams or watch them? Somebody is an expert on Freud? ;-)


Toni said...
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tONI said...

Ask a blind person about his dreams. But also ask you what an 'idea' is.

Nowadays, I think that we dream images, but I'll answer you better after reading a book I bought, one by Gustav Carl Jung.

This post remember me the idea of "you know a language when you are able to think in that language"... poor monolingual boys. I have always spoken in castillian and valencian... and thinked in one, or none of them.

Rikel said...

I think Einstein said that his thoughts were more like images than like statements. And since dreams are only uncontrolled thoughts, they must be like images too.

Well, probably it was not Einstein who said this, but by using his name people consider everything as true.