Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Marathon in Leiden

Last weekend, a marathon was held in Leiden, together with other "minor" events such as half marathon, 10 km and 5 km. The start and finish lines were in the centre, concretely, in front of the city hall and in the street with the open market, respectively.

I wanted to see the start of the race to work out how many people were going to run (as a rough guess), but I was very late... I could go to the finish line though and see some people arriving.

There was quite a lot of people running, but as the race was quite long, not many people were together at the end and I could not get a photo with a lot of runners...

I arrived so late than even the musicians playing near the finish line got tired and stopped playing. By the way, leaving the instruments in the middle of the street on the ground to drink beers they brought with a shopping trolley is quite Dutch... hehe...

At the end of the marathon there were many athletes all around the city centre, sweating and very tired... There were showers and massages for them, but the panels were simple paper sheets quite scarce and randomly distributed, so I don't think many people could find them ;-)

I think I will buy a pair of proper running shoes and start preparing for next year! See you in Leiden!


Wild Runner said...

Si te preparas, voy contigo y así veo Holanda!!! Ya estás tardando en empezar.

Eso sí, quiero una visita por ESTEC :P

Alvaro said...

Hecho! ;-)

Aqui tengo un colchon en el salon, aunque no sea para el marathon tb puedes venir!