Sunday, June 10, 2007


Let's continue with what I was telling you yesterday. Well, after I had spent some time in Roppongi, I went to Harajuku to meet another of Naoko's friends, in this case, Satoko. I got out of the metro at Meiji Jingu Mae station and waited for her there. I had time to take some photos and videos in the area and to realize there were people with crazy clothes around.

When Satoko arrived, we went to take some ramen in a famous place just in front of the station and then we walked around and visit Takeshita dori, a new commercial centre in the area and finally Meiji Jingu.

This is one of the largest shrines in Tokyo and that day there was a lot going on: weddings, bonsai exhibition, many tourists...

At the entrance of the park closest to the metro station, there is a bridge which is very famous as being a meeting places for people wearing strange clothes, like visual kei, lolita, gothic... or like this guy wearing a Pikachu outfit in my photograph below...

That's all for today!


tONI said...

Shit... why you didn't take a better photo of the man dressed as Picachu???

Just because I would like to know how is the face of a man that at the weekends decide to became an other 'thing' (not person), and spend the day walking along a bridge as... PICACHU the GREAT.

And this make me think in some questions as... should he have an special ritual or way of being dressed? And... this is the way he's traying to find the sense of life?

Maybe there is a real amazing history behind a man that would like to be a yellow epileptic dog... or not?

Alvaro said...

You are right... i didnt take a better photo of such a geek and now I feel badly for that...

I will try to help you find the answer for your questions through this link... it is not pikachu but dark vader... and I think he is an american living in Tokyo... you can even check his own blog and ask directly to himself what is the sense of life. XD

Here is the link of the post talking about him: