Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Some interesting news

I don't know if you have already heard this but CIA is going to release around 700 pages of their activities between 1953 and 1973. They have already warned the general public that many of the things they are publishing will make some people angry. They say these are things which were made for the sake of US security. I don't want to comment on these things, most of you know already my position, but I would like to mention one secret that has already been made public: The CIA tried to killed Fidel Castro by means of the mafia in this period.

In case you want to read these maybe interesting papers instead of your favourite thriller, here is the link to the documents.

Now, a funnier piece of news I bumped into a few minutes ago: Australian traffic authorities have started a traffic campaign based on the slogan "Speeding. No one thinks big of you". They clearly refer to the masculine sexual organs ;-) Like this, they try young aussies forget about the idea "speeding makes me cooler". Maybe they succeed, at least, it is funny. Enjoy the official video below.

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