Saturday, June 9, 2007


It is amazing how fast time goes away... As time passes by, you don't really notice how fast it is. When you really notice is when you head your memory back into the past and think how long it is since you did something which is really fresh in your mind...

Well, all this wishful thinking was just coz this weekend last year it was the second time I went to Tokyo. Naoko had organized a nice weekend for me and I was meeting some of her friends on Friday and some others on Saturday. Additionally, that night was the first match of the football world championship. To begin with, I met Kayochan, Take and Yamachan in Roppongi, one of the several city centres in Tokyo. This place is especially known for the unusual quantity of foreigners in the restaurants and clubs. I had already been here with Mic, Paolo and Havard the first weekend in Japan, but now, with local people everything looked different and they actually knew where to go and where the nice places were!

We started the night meeting up in the Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi and going to an izakaya (traditional Japanese bar) for dinner. We were there for quite a long time and then moved to a club to watch football. That night I learnt several things:
1. Going with friends to an izakaya can be so much fun!
2. Japan is much safer than Europe. Yamachan dropped his mobile phone in a bar, went to look for it one hour later and came back with it!! If I drop mine in any country in Europe, do you think people I don't know would keep it for me until I come back? Definitely not.

That night we went to some other pubs and I went to sleep to a manga cafe... also my first time in something which would become so usual in the future ;-) Next day, on Saturday, I went around to walk the streets of the area and try to grasp the esence of Roppongi. Later I moved to Harajuku by metro to meet another of Naoko's friend there. I will tell you tomorrow about that!

To wrap this post up, some pictures of Roppongi (I think Akasaka area can also appear here) I took with Naoko from floor 37th of ANA hotel in Roppongi last christmas.

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