Thursday, July 5, 2007

Algongar turns mobile

"De Viaje por el Mundo" turns mobile this week! Tomorrow I will fly over the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in my life to set foot on my third continent: America. I will be there until 17th July and visit New York, Chicago and Washington with Naoko. I think it is gonna be perfect!! I will try to post some photographs when I have some free time and provided we have internet in the hotel.

Talking about turning mobile, I saw the PDA version on my blog in Jorge's PDA this morning at ESTEC. Nice! It is accessible from everywhere ;-) Have fun and see you soon!


luisete said...

Alvaro, mañana toca PONCHO K aqui, en almansa, en La Luna (piscina Oasis). Viene a verte y te lo pierdes!!!
Pasalo mu bien por las tierras del Tio Sam.
Un abrazo!!!

luisete said...

Perdon, no era mañana, es la semana que viene.
Un abrazo!