Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Second Day in NYC (Part Ni)

After visiting Wall Street and saying bye to Hiro, we moved to Chinatown, but before arriving we passed by Brooklyn's bridge, the City Hall and some other nice large buildings.

At around lunch time, we arrived to China Town. It was quite big (according to Naoko's guide, around 100000 chinese live there) and was full of gift shops and restaurants. Food was really good, but gifts in those shops... well, you kinda can imagine...

Next to the lively ChinaTown, we found Little Italy. There were Italian flags in the streets and the shops were selling parma jam, pasta, cheese... The change was quite obvious: from chinese letters to green, white and red colours everywhere.

After taking a coffee in Little Italy, we made for CBGB's or the place where CBGB's was. Maybe you don't know what CBGB's is... that's because you don't like punk ;-) This is a legendary place where the original punk was created. Bands like Ramones started playing here... and all famous bands have some times played here... It was closed down last year. Naoko and me arrived too late.

The crossroads next to CBGBs is called Joey Ramone's Place!! Nice!!

This is the view from the other part of the sidewalks. Maybe you recognize the shape of the upper part of the entrance.

After this emotional visit (;-) we took the metro and went to the frantic Times Square. That will come tomorrow! Now I go to listen some Voodoo Glow Skulls' album!

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