Wednesday, July 4, 2007


The Teide Mountain, better said vulcano, it is the highest mountain in Spain. It is 3715 metres high and a nice view from some of the Canary islands. It is exactly located in Tenerife.

The nice news is it has recently become UNESCO World Heritage. Check it by yourself in here. The mountain and the Natural Park around it are particularly beautiful and home for great richness of animal and vegetal life. I will try to visit the Canary Islands as soon as possible! It is nice natural elements are appreciated and protected by cultural organizations such as UNESCO. After all, what is greater than nature.

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David Fernandez Prim said...

Mmmmm. Yo me se de otro que se va a ir a visitar a los canarios pronto :-)

Si señor, por fin se reconocen las verdaderas maravillas del mundo!