Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gayle and Zack

Well, back to business! It has been a quite long time without writing! I just came back from the States... well, i arrived in Europe on Tuesday but I was kind of jetlagged and sleepind all day when I wasn't working or watching Heroes :)

The trip to the US was really nice! I liked the three cities in spite of some small problems in some places. New York was stressing and extremely busy but nice for tourism. Chicago was the most "normal" city we went to. Washington was nice but where were the restaurants and the people ;-) ? Too many offices and monuments instead of life in the city...

Without any doubt, the best thing was meeting Naochan after we were together for the last time in late March. These 12 days together were great!

Besides that, the best thing of the trip was meeting Gayle and Zack again! It had been almost one year since we last met in Strasbourg and it was so nice to meet up again and see they were doing so great! We went for dinner and beers with them on our second day in Washington, well... precisely, it wasn't in DC, but in Maryland, where they live... It was nice to talk to them after so long!

Next day, Gayle could come with us and we visited together some interesting places in DC: Arlington cemetery and Dupont Circle. Zack couldn't make it this time... coz' he was working. Gambatte!! Arlington Cemetery is the typical cemetery which can be seen in movies with all the white tombs aligned. I will put some pictures in a future post. Dupont Circle was the most lively place we were to in DC. It was nice to enjoy a real half-a-litre american smoothie in a terrace, relaxed...

Finally, we had to say bye (or see you soon!) to Gayle and get back to the hotel to pack and leave to NYC next morning.

Tomorrow I will start describing the trip from the beginning, but I wanted to thank Gayle and Zack for being so kind! It was really really nice to meet you guys after all this year!!

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