Friday, July 27, 2007

Third Day in NYC (... y Dos)

Well, and here comes the end of our first stay in NYC! After three days there and many places visited, we decided to go to the observatory in the Empire State Building and see the night panorama from there!

The evening was very promising and the sunset was beautiful in the concrete jungle! This picture is amazing. It was taken from the 5th avenue next to the Empire State building.

We paid the 18 dollars necessary to get to the top of the building and lined for almost half an hour to get there. But it was worthy!! In spite of the cold of the night and the fatigue of the past two days, we stayed there for almost two hours. It was breathtaking...

The building with the bright light in the following photo is the building on top of Penn Station and Madison Square Garden (I told you about it yesterday).

This is the area around Times Square. You can notice there are lights of many different colours.

That was high! Cars looked like ants! and where are the pedestrians? Macy's is just in the corner (the largest shop in the world).

This is how the observatory looked like:

And Naochan, already very tired after an intense day, on a beautiful background.

And this is in my opinion the most beautiful building in New York: the Chrysler building. It looks really magnificent with that illumination on its graceful design.

When the fatigue was unbearable, we left for dinner. However, there was still a very long line to leave the building... don't forget you can only leave it using the elevators! Finally, we made it and went for dinner at Hiro's restaurant. The restaurant was cozy and it really made me remember an izakaya in Tokyo! So nice!! And the food... so japanese! I could drink Oolong high and eat some fish guts... ahh, and the typical sashimi and yakitori. Cool!

In this picture, Hiro is the cook standing more to the right.

Here, he is! Otsukare sama deshita Hirokun!

For dessert, i took one of the things I miss more... ocha (green tea) icecream!! Maybe Havard disagrees with me ;-) I remember you didnt really like the ocha in vending machines!

Next day, we took an airplane bound for Chicago and said bye to the Big Apple! Windy City, there we go!!


Rikel said...

Did you take the first picture when Peter Petrelly lost control of him powers and he eventually blew up devastating a half of NY city????

Havard said...

Green tea, yuk! :p

Wild Runner said...

Very beautiful pictures, what a beautiful city ...

Let me translate into spanish this sentence:

"I could drink Oolong high and eat some fish guts... ahh, and the typical sashimi and yakitori. Cool!"

"Ya era hora de tomarme una litrona de Mahou y comerme unas tapas ... ahh, la típica tortilla de patatas y las morcillas fritas con chorizo."

Alvaro said...

Rikel: Hehe, flyman´s brother (fry man when said by Hiro Nakamura...) show must have been a different day... or maybe that day... who knows...

Havard: Come on! green tea wasnt that bad ;-)

Pedro: Actually yes... i really needed real tapas, some litronas and hanging around with cool Spanish people! Voy a tener que venir con mas frecuencia!!

Regards to all of you from the Sunny Spain!! What a pleasure!!!