Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Second Day in NYC (Part San)

After visiting CBGBs and the Lower East Side, we took the metro and moved to the most impressive place in New York City: Times Square. This place is the place where Broadway and the 7th Avenue intersect. It is where all the theatres are in Broadway and everything is full of plasma screens... I don't continue with the description 'coz i don't want to bother you with the same I already wrote in this other post ;-)

This is where it is located within Manhattan:

In our way from the metro station to the Square itself, we found some breathtaking views, like this nice shot of the Chrysler building with the Sun on its side.

It was Friday night and everybody, local people and tourists, were here. Therefore, it was packed with people in the sidewalks and with cars in the pavement... and the noise and the lights... interesting! It felt like being in Shibuya but with western people!!

After dusk, the effect of the lights was even cooler and it was nice to have a walk there. There were many tourist shops but we were too tired to look for bargains! For 10 dollars we could have bought 5 or 6 T-shirts, including some with the "I love NY" logo...

Finally, we bought some food in a Deli (shop with take-away food), and went back to the hotel to sleep and recover from an intense day!

Now some curiosity... Everything in the US is big, especially food and drinks. In a normal supermarket you have several kinds of beer cans. The big one is more than one litre!! Have a look at the ones Naoko has in the picture below. The small one is a pint = 0.6 litres! And looks so small compared to the other one!!

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