Thursday, July 26, 2007

Third Day in NYC (Uno)

Next day, Naoko was working in the morning for her presentation in Chicago and I went walking near the hotel. When she got tired, we took a metro and went downtown. We got off in Penn Station, one of the main train stations in the city. We started wandering around inside the station and suddenly realized we were in the legendary Madison Square Garden! We checked in Naoko's guide and yes, the Madison Square Garden is just above the station and there is a huge skycraper on top of the stadium!

This is the entrance from the station:

And this is how it looks like from inside:

After that, we went out back to the street and walked without any fixed direction. We found a nice street market in one of the main avenues (maybe 6th or 7th).

There were many bbqs going on and hot dogs, chicken skewers or many other things were being sold.

However, we noticed New York's Korean Town was just nearby! After a very long decision process to choose what to have for lunch, we decided to go for Korean Barbecue. I still remembered how good it had been in Tokyo last Xmas!!

This is how Korean BBQ must be prepared! Thanks Naochan!

After that, fully satisfied with good ultra-spicy food, we headed for Central Park. First, we had some photos next to the impressive Empire State Building and visited Macy's, the largest store in the world.

Finally, we arrived at Central Park and lied on the grass surrounded by skyscrapers! Nice view!! Many people were playing american football or dancing or practicising many other things...

Finally, we moved to the area near the big lake in Central Park and found a cosy corner with a nice fountain and an expensive restaurant. And a real gondola!!! in spite of not being in Venezia!! And the guy was singing in Italian!!

We were really tired, but after that, instead of going for dinner and relax in the hotel, we went to the Empire State Building, to its observatory, to watch the city from above during the sunset and beginning of the night. Check the photos tomorrow!! They are extremely beautiful!!

Mata ne!!

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