Saturday, July 21, 2007

First Day in NYC

On 5th July, I took a plane in Amsterdam bound for New York. After suffering the pain of the airports, I finally arrived there in the morning and started visiting the city with my luggage and everything. Naoko was not still there. She was arriving 7 hours later in La Guardia Airport. Therefore, I preferred to walk the city a bit and then check in at the hotel.

I went to Manhattan from the airport in one of the Shuttle vans there and got off at Times Square, probably the most futuristic place in New York. This place was full of lights, plasma screen, people and heavy traffic!

I also found the first crazy thing of the trip: a naked cowboy in the middle of the square so girls could take pictures with him...

After that, I wandered around and ended up in the 5th Avenue. This part was the "wealthy" part of the avenue, with expensive shops and some famous views.

Even Zara was there! Maybe it is one of the most famous things we currently have in Spain! ;-)

After some rest in the corner with Central Park, I decided to get into the park. It was huge! Some days later, when we flew to Chicago, we flew over Manhattan and I can tell you it actually is! I accounts for one third of the length of Manhattan! (as a rough guess) :)

Once in the park I found some interesting things! Kids playing baseball, people laying in the grass watching the skycrapers and playing american football and a squirrel being chased by an eagle...

I went out of the park in the Upper West Side, around the 70th street. Our hotel was in the 95th street, so why not walking once there?! After all, what is 25 blocks?
I discovered it is a lot. And harder if you are carrying your luggage and if your hotel is not in the corner with Central Park, but in the number 330 of the street!!

Anyway, I finally made it!! and arrived to the hotel room:

Finally, I made for La Guardia Airport to pick up Naoko there and came together back to Broadway and around West 100th street to a nice Mexican restaurant.

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