Sunday, October 14, 2007


Today, I have been visiting Kinderdijk, a windmill park located south of Rotterdam. This place was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1997, and yes, it is well deserved.

It is a perfect example of the struggle Dutch have with the sea to maintain their country without water being most of it below sea level. It is composed of 19 different windmills and from some positions, most of them can be seen together. When you arrive there, you found hundreds of tourists and many windmills... Have a look at this picture to get the point:

There are three kind of windmills; circular thatched, octogonal thatched and like this one:

Without any doubt, the most beautiful aspect of the park is the perspectives the windmills create together with the rivers and canals. Enjoy some of them now! I think these are some of the most beautiful pictures I took today.


Toni said...

Uaaa... donde esté el parque eólico de Almansa, que te quite tanto paisaje bucólico holandés..

Alvaro said...

Cabrones!! se cargaron la sierra y los arboles en nombre de la ecologia... menudos asesinos...


Los paisajes holandeses molan cuando hace sol (3-4 meses al anyo) ;-)