Tuesday, October 9, 2007

TEC-ETM Dinner

Monday last week, all the microwave section of ESTEC gathered together for a non-related-to-work dinner. Of course, some people couldn't come... the head of section amongst them.

We went to an Indian restaurant in Noordwijkerhout, this is, in the middle of nowhere. The food was good and the environment ended up being nice. I was worried about that. Getting together all these people from different countries (many from the North of Europe) has some risks... and it can be really boring... but it wasn't.

Now it is time for important news. After one year of fruitful work in the microwave section, I have decided to move to another section in order to complement my training period here. The chosen section has been Antennas! After much thinking, I have taken the plunge and asked for a section change. So, maybe this dinner was my last time with all these people at the same time. It has been a pleasure to have been working with you!! "Que les vaya bonito!"

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