Monday, October 29, 2007


During my university years in Valencia(2000-2005) and in Toulouse (2005), I used to go running with friends, such as Toni or Pedro. If I didn't go running at least twice a week I really felt something in my life was missing ;-)

However, in Strasbourg, life became more complex and it was really cold. I ran a couple times (I even ran once the distance from ISU to Strasbourg, around 10 km, because the tram was not running any more at that time at night). Here in Leiden, I tried to start over again several times but it is usually rainy and windy and I didn't feel like running while getting drenched. But now, things have changed!

Last thursday, I bought a pair of good running shoes, Mizuno Wave Genesis and plan to go running quite often:

For the moment, since last Thursday evening, when I bought my brand new running shoes, I have ran twice, that same Thursday evening and this morning. I am following the same track, which is the ring of outer canals around Leiden. Today I checked in the Internet and found out it is 6.1 km long. That makes 12.2 km in 4 days... and with respect to the pace, the first time I just checked in my watch the starting and ending time, which was around 29-30 minutes; this morning, I used the chronograph and stopped it after 29min 4sec. That means 4min 46sec per km... I don't know if it is good or not, but this morning I was happy. It is only the beginning and my legs could recover properly after a 6 km run on Thursday, after such a long time without running.

My plan from now on is to run this path three times a week, which makes 18.3 km, and to try to improve the time per km progressively. I know it'll be tough when it becomes rainy and windy... which will happen in a few days or weeks...

Some advice from any veteran runner? ;-)

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Wild Runner said...

Yeeeeee Congratulations!!!

4:46 is a very good pace for training!!! But don't try to run all the days at the same speed.

A very common mistake (every of us has commited it) is trying to train at the same pace as if trainings were competitions ... WRONG!!! If you plan to train three times a week, one or two should be at a comfortable speed (4:45 - 5:00 - 5:30), just to gain resistance ("fondo" in spanish XDD).

The other one can be faster, trying to run the second half faster than the first one. In internet you can see lots of training programmes, but "common sense" is the best of them ;) KEEP GOING, ÁLVARO!!!

PD: Mizuno makes very good shoes. Enjoy them, little "tocho". I had Mizuno inspire and they performed very well. People talks very well of Mizuno Wave Rider, I tested them in a shop and they seemed wonderful. In a couple of months you'll be running half marathons with me!!! YUHUUUUUUU