Sunday, October 7, 2007

Rugby World Cup. Quarter Final Day 1

Today, I have watched the two quarter final matches of the Rugby World Cup... The teams playing were Australia-England and New Zealand-France. The supremacy of the teams from the Southern Hemisphere has been clear in the last years and Australia and new Zealand were the two big favourites to become world champions.

I started being interested in rugby after my stay in Toulouse from February to August 2005. That year the team of the city, Stade Toulousain, won the European Cup and played the final of the French league. Of course, I supported the team with my local friends and after that, I started liking it! However brutal it looks, it is quite a noble game.

Well, today Europe proved to the world that rugby here is not dead. England defeated Australia and France did the same with New Zealand!! Unbelievable...

They have won because they know how to compete and try everything to win... that's what is missing in Spanish football national team. Congrats to these two great teams and to the other two, as well, for the great show displayed!!

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Toni said...

Jajaja... mira como has metido una foto del barbas. Yo también lo he medio descubierto, fui con un amigo francés a ver el Francia-Argentina. Al principio no entendí nada hasta que me fueron explicando poco a poco las reglas.
Es curioso, aunque solo sea por ver a los hombres-masa sin cuello que aparecen.
Por cierto, el barbas -que no es que sea un gran jugador- es actualmente una estrella en Francia, escuché en la tele lo que le pagaban por un anuncio... y es famoso por cosas como romper la mandíbula de otro jugador al que embistió.