Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The "other" trip to Brussels

Yesterday, I told you about my trip to Brussels last Sunday. I showed to you the monuments and important places and customs of the city... So, what is missing? What is missing is what the great Spanish writter Miguel de Unamuno called the "intrahistory", the small moments than compose an experience and which help to create the overview picture of what something was, the small elements behind the scenes.

On Sunday, not only did i have fun taking photos of the monuments, but also of the people and circunstances around. And these pictures are also very nice!!

Here we are trying to find our way in Brussels... we tried even with a GPS receiver...

Laura with her tripod and trying to explain how we should position to get a nice picture taken.

A random mother playing with her son in a park in a sunny Sunday.

And us in the same place, trying to recover from all the morning walk...

Andrea was really interested in the street musician and took some videos.

It was a long time since I last saw a clown in the street!

On Sunday morning, it had been Brussels' Marathon and some people were checking later their results in the race. However someone from the organization came and retired the panels where the results had been put... the result was people on their knees reading the papers on the ground...

Wow, that is a huge waffle! Sure it is!

And on the way back home... enjoying a beautiful sunset after such a nice day!

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Wild Runner said...

Nooo te tengo dicho que el GPS falla más que una escopeta de feria!!! He visto y comprobado cómo durante minutos las posiciones que te marca están a más de 1 km de la realidad ... y el tío se queda tan fresco!!!

En fin ... very nice the "intrahistory" of Brussels ;)